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I’m a junior agent over at Metamorphosis Literary Agency, where you can learn more about our submissions policy for queries, as well as our stellar client list. I just joined the team in 2019 so I am looking for new clients and incredible writing. Think your novel is the next must-read?

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About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren Miller.

There’s a lot of us out there, but I’m proud to say I married into this name and I’m keeping it! So what can I tell you to differentiate me from the thousands of other Lauren Millers that are out there?

Well, I can’t act to save my life. And if you catch me in sports, I probably have had a body transplant too. Speaking of science fiction, as of right now, I don’t yet have any books published but I’ve heard that that YA author who shares my name is pretty amazing. If you meant to find her website instead, here you go. Thanks for stopping by.

So, who am I again?

I love books and libraries. I’m kind of a fanatic about it. I absolutely adore a life that includes animals, a relaxed, hygge existence, and planners. Oh my… I do love my planners. And stationary products. You can hang your hat on that. And tea. And goofy, but charming Chinese romantic comedies. And sentence fragments apparently.

So if you were looking for me, hurray and welcome!

Catch up on what you may have missed over on my blog.

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The following are upcoming conferences and workshops I plan to attend in 2019-2020. If you are going to be there, please don’t feel shy about saying hello!

Penned Con

Red Lion Hotel, St. Louis, MO

September 13-14, 2019

SLWG’s Workshop For Writers

The Lodge at Des Peres, St. Louis, MO

September 14, 2019

Be sure to check back as other dates may be added throughout the year.