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Fruit Picking

I noticed Neil Gaiman posted about plums earlier and it reminded me of my own poem about plums here.  Check it out and let me know what you think please!

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What is it about plums that are so tantalizing?  Is it the red-purple color, hazy with condensation on the branch?  Is it the natural contrast of the ridged leaves and the smooth surface?  Has anyone out there gone plum picking?  I’d love to go sometime if there’s a great plum orchard out there.

Every year, I try to go apple picking at least once.  There’s nothing quite like fresh produce off the vine, branch, earth.  Besides being a family tradition, it is an experience in the truest sense of the word.  May I tell you about it?

After queueing for 20-30 minutes or so, we drive onto a ferry to transport us over the river.  The iron railings are piping hot from the direct sun over the water.  The river water laps against the ferry bobbing, crests alternating a deep blue and coarse brown (nature’s natural color combinations…).  The limestone caverns on the horizon tempt us from the shoreline.  Again, I stop and contemplate skipping the picking for trespassing and spelunking on private property.  We decide against it.

When we drive through the land between the rivers, on either side there are farms with crops and not a sign of tall building to be seen.  The ground rolls and unfurls before us, planted with soy beans, corn and other crops.

The actual ride to the orchards involves a trip by hayride.  Depending on the time of year, Jonathans, Granny Smiths, or Red and Golden Delicious may be in season.  For  those who’ve gone a-pickin’, what is your favorite part of the experience?  I think mine would be reaching for the highest branches, the ripest fruits, the untouchables.

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Lauren Miller is a Midwestern born writer with a passion for Jesus, the written word, and dogs. She has two decades of experience in the library field and reviews books for the Historical Novels Review (UK). She likes to spend her free time enjoying period films, discovering new reads, and being surrounded by other people’s pets. Lauren, her husband, and their wily Maine Coon (who isn’t quite a dog) live in Missouri. You can learn more about Lauren’s writing at


  1. jocasey says

    My favorite fruit to pick is blackberries – I love to do this. And even though I’m very allergic to poison ivy, and where blackberries are poison ivy isn’t far behind, I can’t really stop myself from picking every summer.


  2. I’d love to go blackberry picking sometime. Ideally, I’d love to have enough of a “piece of earth” (as Frances Hodgson Burnett says) to grow my own herbs, vegetables and fruit. Do blackberries grow in patches and do they require a lot of room? Or are they like morels and you just have to know where to look?


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