A Little Bit About My Style

I love objects, their placement and ornamentation in the home. I especially adore anything that is inherently lovely. God gave me an eye for beauty and finding these objects and sharing them with others gives Him pleasure.

There’s no one good term that defines my style but there are a couple of words that are a close fit…

My style is somewhat utilitarian — I take pleasure in everyday objects and their functions. Examples are old film reels, wood spindles, candles, microscopes, etc. These objects once served a function and may yet again find new purposes in the home.

My style is also natural — I also love anything taken from the environment: rock, stone, shell, seed pods, etc. There’s nothing like the remnants of living things to enliven a home’s interior landscape.

I’m also big on antique shops, malls and flea markets. Anything vintage may end up finding its way into my home, or end up on the shelf awaiting a new coat of paint or new fabrics.

I also love anything shabby chic (cottage style) decorating. I’m inspired by the casual, comfortable style popularized by Rachel Ashwell, but I shy away from pristine whites on furniture.

My interest in decorating isn’t developed enough to have a “philosophy” but my belief is that anybody can decorate. The key thing is to remember how objects complement each other in their placement, their color palette, the materials they’re made up of, etc.

Choose what you instinctively find lovely to the eye, functional in the home, or what connects you to something greater — your passions, interests, emotions, or to your Creator. My hope is that as you discover interior decorating as a hobby that it will bring joy into your life and honor my Savior, Jesus Christ.


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