As a project, I am going to be posting weekly (or around weekly) updates of my current novel-in-progress, (currently untitled).  I am experimenting with a new style of writing that thus far has worked for me.  I am also beginning to gain some ground on my book and feel confident of a reasonably long first draft before the holiday season begins.

My initial estimates were for a 100k draft, averaging 10k a week.  So far, I have only been meeting my goal at 75% of its capacity.  On a good day, I am averaging 1,500 words, on a fair day, 1,000, on a poor day, 500.  Below you will find a word count counter for the project so far.  This includes the period beginning on Saturday, August 20th – Friday, August 26th, 2011.

I am confident that as time goes on, these numbers will improve.  My biggest enemy is perhaps giving into distraction (and lack of sleep due to early hours writing).  Think baby steps towards conquering the “weapons of mass distraction” as my pastor calls them.

Keep reaching higher,

Lauren Miller

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