Week 2 Writing Update

It’s the end of week 2 of my current writing project and I’m reporting in.  Progress this week was slower (inevitably) after the initial rush from the first week.  I’m shooting for 1,000 words a day given my hectic schedule right now (amping up for a house-warming next month) and getting ready for some new writing opportunities God’s blessing me with.  Tell you more on the latter as we get closer.

So, for a bad week, I still got 12 pages written (3,056 words) which beats a lot of other weeks I’ve had this past year.  Not a total loss.  Below you will find my total word count for my current novel-in-progress:

Since this is also the end of the month, I’m also posting stats for what I got accomplished over the 10-day period this project started — from August 22nd – August 31st.  During this period, I wrote a total of 33 pages (8,273 words) if you’re factoring in a standard 12-point font, 250 words to a page format.  To give a comparison of the writing that is, last fall I produced that same amount of pages over 3 months.  So yes, I’m pretty happy about the improvement in productivity.

I hope to be able to write soon and tell you more about my latest project.  Until then…

Keep reaching higher,

Lauren Miller


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