Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Good ideas can come from just about anywhere.  Maybe in your own backyard.  Have you ever been inspired by something you read?  Every once in a while, I love to read the projections for future technologies over the next century.  A few years ago, I read an article (Popular Mechanics – 2007?) about advances over the next 20 years.  Some of the ideas that should be coming up, in the next 10 years even, were quite frightening.  Ideas such as:

“Personality chips and full sensory input would be put inside toys.  This will lead to dolls being called to testify against child abuse in court cases.”  Doesn’t that sound like a sci-fi story waiting to happen?

Or how about, predictions of “fat recognized as the new evil”.  Isn’t this already being demonized by the general media?

Or the complete, radical “cure of cancer”?  How would that affect lifespan and quality of life globally?  What would people do for a cure?

These are just a few of the many ideas I ran across from that article.  If anyone remembers what issue this came from, please comment!  I’d love to give proper credit and perhaps order a replacement copy.  Thank you!

So what inspires you?  Tell me about it.

And in the meantime, keep reaching higher,

Lauren Miller


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