Shout-out About Erin Morgenstern

Ya’ll need to check out Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, The Night Circus, available from Harper-Collins.  This chicka is living the dream and I find her absolutely inspiring.  Check out her blog here at

Why am I posting about another author’s work?  Because every writer has an audience and I believe that if you like my writing, you’ll fall in love with Erin Morgenstern’s book.  As she talks about on her website, her stories are location-driven.  My stories are usually heavy on the descriptive quality in writing.  I’ve been accused of “purple prose”.  She takes her readers to exotic locations and weaves vignettes into a charming tale that’s being heralded as the “next Harry Potter”.

You can tell a lot about a writer from their origins, I think.  I’ve been reading up on some of Erin’s earliest posts (way back in ’08) and frankly, I wish I’d heard of her blog YEARS ago.  I would have been an avid reader.  This girl loves cats, fairy tales and is a fellow NaNoWriMo.  What’s not to like?

It gets me so excited to see other writers where I’ve been (am?) pursuing the dream and getting to a place where those visions become reality.  (That said, I’m not real crazy about the whole Tarot thing.)  So, a warm congratulations to Erin Morgenstern for her accomplishments and for inspiring other writers (like me) to show us how it’s done — the old-fashioned route.  I look forward to being a blog subscriber and hearing more great things from you.


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