Outlining and Feedback

I’ve had the better half of a week off prepping for a party this evening but I haven’t neglected my writing either, I promise!  My husband has graciously been my sounding board for new ideas and plot developments — some of which he didn’t see coming!  In writing my current WIP I sort of wrote myself into a corner. My aunt suggested I “write myself up”. My brother-in-law suggested that I “write myself a trap door”. So I did. I wrote myself up as a hopeless procrastinator then I went back to square one revisiting thematic elements, plot development, characterization, and the layout for the series in progress.

I feel that I am firming up Book 1 quite nicely.  Book 2 needs work with some of the plot twists at the end being established earlier on.  I also want to work out how to weave theme firmly into the story.  Right now, Book 1 is shaping into a very character-driven story while Book 2 is more plot-driven.  Neither is necessarily bad but they’re two entirely different approaches to story (the second having more action than the first). I’d like to keep working on both until I have a comfortable balance of character vs. plot.

While Book 2 is definitely classified as science-fiction (speculative fiction), I have a bit more work molding Book 1 to fall under that genre. The actual storyline of Book 1 could occur in any time period so I’ll have to pull out my grab-bag of tricks and conjure up some fantastical elements to include and elevate the story into the science-fiction genre. Thanks to my hubby for his feedback!

I’m postponing the Draft 1 deadline until I sort out exactly how I want to progress with this series. I’m usually a seat-of-the-pantster but in this case, I would like to at least have the broad strokes painted and I can fill in the details later.  For some reason, this reminds me of the Magic Paintbrush….


Completely un-related I guess to storyboarding but I remember being inspired by this story as a child and it encouraged me to continue writing. I hope you enjoy watching it too!


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