Spotlight on Cherry Blossoms

This week the National Cherry Blossom Festival begins in Washington DC (March 20th – April 27th, 2012). According to Wikipedia, these Japanese Cherry trees (Sakura) were a gift in 1965 to the United States from the country of Japan. The area depicted in the photograph (above)is the Tidal Basin with the Washington Monument in the background. There are also several cherry trees around Jefferson Memorial.

USDA Photo by Scott Bauer, Public Domain Image.

Closeup of cherry blossoms ©2010 by Maisnam. Reproduced under Creative Commons license.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival usually coincides with the abundant blooming of the Yoshino cherry blossoms (around 70%) according to the festival website.

My husband has been there a number of times growing up and it was an annual tradition for his family.  The Cherry Blossom Festival brings tourists and locals alike to enjoy Spring at the Tidal Basin.

I hope that someday soon my husband and I may be able to start our own tradition of trekking each spring out to Washington D.C. to view the cherry blossoms together.

If (like me) you’re unable to make the trip right now, perhaps you will consider planting a cherry tree for your own home.  Each year, a number of trees are made available for purchase through the Arbor Day Foundation.  Yoshino cherries (like the ones in our Capitol) are available for $8.95 each along with some lovely Higan cherry varieties.  You can view some of the neat cherry trees for sale at the Arbor Day Foundation here. Perhaps we will plant a cherry tree of our own!

What do you think of cherry season?  Do you have any cherry trees that bloom near where you live?  Post a comment (with photos if you have them!) and let’s talk florals. Until next week.

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