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(Day 9) Building Followers on Twitter

This morning’s task over at the April Platform Challenge is found here.

By now we are already communicating with other Tweeps on Twitter and carrying on conversations so today’s task was actually quite easy. Without realizing it, I had completed the task before I knew it had begun!  What is the end in mind to developing followers on Twitter?

Cover of "Get Known Before The Book Deal:...

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Social media is a part of your platform as a writer.  I’m reading Christina Katz’ Get Known Before the Book Deal in which she discusses how to build a platform whether you are a fiction or non-fiction writer.  A great resource I’d recommend for any writers out there interested in the topic.

Right now, a good part of my ‘followers’/’following’ crowd are other writers.  While this is great for networking with others in the industry, eventually there’s got to be a shift from writers to readers for the genres that we are writing in.

I’m currently also reading Tribes by Seth Godin.  Godin talks about the concept of ‘tribes’ as a group of people sharing a common interest with a leader at the helm.  This falls in nicely with the layout of Twitter where you are ‘following’ other Tweeps and have ‘followers’.

So ideally, as a writer, my Twitter account should be a forum to meet people, to discuss topics (hopefully related to my genre), and to share information (about my genre, about my writing, etc) and gain followers.  These followers in turn may become blog readers, then blog subscribers.

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6x6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

Building a reader base is perhaps the goal of using social media as a writer, otherwise things like Twitter and Facebook can become a great vacuum in which all my free time disappears (time that could be spent writing).

I’ll be interested to see what new tasks await me as part of the #MNINB April Platform Challenge.  Are you a participant? If so, what are your thoughts on this task?  If you are a reader, what do you expect to get out of following writers on Twitter?  Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

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