(Day 10) Vanity Searches on Google

 Today’s challenge at Robert Lee Brewer’s blogwas to search our own names on multiple search engines to check out our ranking.  SEO has a lot to do with where we are ranked and hopefully later this month we’ll be learning something about how to improve SEO for our websites.

Some lucky commenters had an unusual enough last name that theirs appeared in the top rankings.  If you have a common name, like “Joe Smith” (or Lauren Miller) then it might be pages before your name or website makes an appearance.

Short of understanding and implementing SEO, what are some ways to improve your ranking?

Consider creating a brand to stand behind.  One woman, Joanne Penn, made her brand The Creative Penn which I thought was a clever name for a writer’s website. 

Randy Ingermanson’s blog is AdvancedFictionWriting.com, and just by getting ‘fiction’ and ‘writing’ into his blog name, you know he’s got to be getting a lot of traffic from his target audience — people interested in learning how to write.

You might try using your middle initial or maiden name (ladies!) or adding “author”, “books”, “writer”, “writes” etc. after your name to differentiate yourself from other people with the same name.

That’s why my website is Lauren Miller Books. I’ve never liked my middle name and my maiden name is considered a curse word in some languages (yikes!).

Are you a writer? Do you have an unusual name?  If not, how are you distinguishing yourself for your blog or website?  Leave a comment and let’s talk!

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