Love In Disguise by Carol Cox

book coverEllie portrays two roles: elderly widow Lavinia Stewart, and her vivacious younger niece, Jessie Monroe.

Steven Pierce is one of a group of mine owners local to Pickford whose shipments of silver have fallen prey to thieves. Someone knows the system too well so it can only be an inside job. When Steven meets Ms. Lavinia Stewart, her interest in investing in his enterprise seems like a godsend. That flirtatious redheaded niece of hers, however, insists on toying with the emotions of every man in town and provides Steven with a pleasant distraction. But Jessie and Lavinia never seem to be in the same place at the same time…

As Ellie earns the trust of the townspeople and falls for Steven, she earns the ire of the men behind the silver job and is endangered no matter which persona she portrays. Can Ellie solve the mystery? Will Stephen still love her when he discovers she is neither Lavinia or Jessie?

This charming story from Carol Cox sweeps us away to the frontier of 1880’s Arizona. Ms. Cox draws from her background as an Arizonan to bring to life the exciting period of the Wild West, and as a pastor’s wife, weaves in themes of beauty, trust, identity and maintaining integrity, issues that her audience will find relatable.

I look forward to more stories from Carol Cox in the future.


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