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Shout-Out | Beth Stilborn

One of my fellow #MNINB challengers is Beth Stilborn.  Beth has published some music text in the past and she’s currently working on books that appeal to children of all ages.

As Beth described on a comment thread at Robert Lee Brewer’s website, part of her brand is “arts and literacy advocate”.  I think that’s fantastic!

If you’re read any of my posts, you may notice that in my bio, I mention the following: “Lauren honors her faith in Jesus Christ by writing to increase awareness of literacy and social justice issues.”  In the future, I want to explore how better to incorporate my faith and my advocacy into my writing and brand. I also want to share with you some key issues going on that I believe need our attention.

Thank you Beth for being an inspiring example!

On a practical note, Beth is currently running a “Blogging From A-Z” April Challenge that looks like a great concept and I encourage anyone interested in blogging to check it out ASAP.  I’ll be looking into it in May, once the #MNINB April Challenge is over.

Check out her website at www.bethstilborn.com.

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Lauren Miller is a Midwestern born writer with a passion for Jesus, the written word, and dogs. She has two decades of experience in the library field and reviews books for the Historical Novels Review (UK). She likes to spend her free time enjoying period films, discovering new reads, and being surrounded by other people’s pets. Lauren, her husband, and their wily Maine Coon (who isn’t quite a dog) live in Missouri. You can learn more about Lauren’s writing at LaurenJoanMiller.com.


  1. Lauren! Wow, thank you so much for this shout-out! You are so kind to do this.

    Just one word of clarification, although I’m participating in the April A to Z Challenge, I’m not running it. Here’s the link to the A to Z Challenge website:


    Once again, thank you so much for highlighting my blog in this post. I wish you all the best in your journey.


    • Dear Beth,

      Thanks so much for the comment and for visiting my blog! I think it’s so great to see people who support literacy and the arts and when I saw you on Robert’s blog, I wanted to share what you’re doing. Thanks for clarifying on the A-Z challenge (sorry about the confusion on my end). It’s a fun concept — whoever came up with it. I appreciate the forwarding link and will be checking that out next month as a possible challenge when things are a little less busy.

      Out of curiosity, does the challenge provide you with the ‘A-Z’ images that you’ve been using at the start of each of your posts, or is that something you found yourself? I loved those!


  2. Thanks for such an enthusiastic response!

    For clarification, the A to Z Challenge only runs officially in April — of course, you can challenge yourself any time. It’s been fun (and indeed a challenge!) to find things to blog about that fit each letter, and the theme I set for myself of arts terms that I can relate to writing!

    About the images — I get the images I use on my blog (except for book covers, of course) from a site called “Fotolia” http://www.fotolia.com … I pay for a block of images then search and download appropriate ones for my posts. That way, the images I use are licensed properly for use on a blog, and there’s no worries about copyright. They have an amazing array of images available!

    All the best to you in all the challenges of blogging and life, official and otherwise!


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