Missouri Writers Guild Conference – Today!

Today’s the last day of the 2012 Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference. I’ve had a lot of fun following the Twitter feed #MoWritersGuild and am looking forward to today’s Master Class, led by @thewritermama, Christina Katz.

Christina is best-known for her books, Get Known Before The Book Deal: Use Your Personal Strengths To Grow An Author Platform, The Writer Mama: How To Raise A Writing Career Alongside Your Kids, and The Writer’s Workout: 366 Tips, Tasks & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach.

I just learned this morning that she also has an e-book out called Author Mama, which I’ll have to check out soon.

Congrats to all the contest winners this year!  Next year, I’m going to look into attending the full conference (and joining a local chapter too).

Have an awesome Sunday folks!

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4 thoughts on “Missouri Writers Guild Conference – Today!

  1. Hi Lauren, I’ve come by way of MNINB and saw that on your blog about the MWG conference – wondering if you had gone. I did! Christina Katz was awesome. So you’re in St. Louis – I’m terrible with names and faces, I wonder whether we’ve met? I’m a member of St. Louis Writers Guild and Saturday Writers. I love the quote on your Home Page!


    • Hi Lynn,

      Yes, I did go to the MWG Conference but just on Sunday. Christina had a class that day on platform-building. She’s tough but good. If you were in that class, then I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet. I’m bad with names too! 😀 Are you very active with the St. Louis Writers Guild? I just went to a workshop with them this morning on blogging. Were you there maybe? We could’ve been in the same room! If not, then I hope to meet you in person sometime at their events. Glad you like the quote — it’s one of my favorites!


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