Love Finds You In Prince Edward Island, Canada by Susan Page Davis(Love Finds You #37)

Love-Finds-You-in-Prince-Edward-IslandMolly Orland goes to work at the Government House where the Prince of Wales and his entourage will be staying during their visit to Prince Edward Island.  Molly meets Peter Stark, the understeward to the Earl of Washburn and they have an instant connection. Can Peter use his influence to help Molly’s family receive justice for a decades-old wrong?

My Thoughts:

What attracted me to this book was the cover, a young woman in a lovely white dress with blue ribbon who looks like she’s dancing.  It reminded me of Anne Shirley dancing in the fields just before Gilbert walks in on her dancing.  Anne of Green Gables, the best-known story based on Prince Edward Island (PEI) where this Love Finds You In… book is set.

This is also a Cinderella story.  I won’t spoil the details of how Molly gets to the ball but it’s a fun journey.  This book will appeal to young women in their twenties and perhaps the younger crowd if they don’t mind a slightly older heroine.


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