Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #2)

Blood-Bound-184x3001Mercy is back in Book 2 of the Mercy Thompson series by paranormal fiction writer Patricia Briggs.  

What absolutely draws me into these books is the world that Briggs has created.  It feels real.  Half of me wants to take a trip up to the Tri-Cities to meet the werewolves, but maybe not the vampires.  Great sense of mystery and the story keeps you turning the pages.  I’ve snuck reading time in on the road, in bed, and almost everywhere in between.  Except church. I can’t bring myself to read paranormal romances during church.

I’m also a sucker for romances and there’s plenty of that kind of tension too.  Briggs tastefully deals with the love triangle (or is it quadrangle?) with Mercy by making her the kind of girl not to rush into things.  She doesn’t want to be hurt the way she has been abandoned by her parents.  I adore this series by Patricia Briggs and I strongly recommend you check these out if you enjoy paranormal fiction.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts.


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