#3 Teddy Goes To College

Teddy was not the oldest toy in the nursery, but he was the most well-worn.  Carried through grade school and numerous play parties, parks and an unfortunate encounter with a goat at the zoo, Teddy was the only amputee stuffed animal in the nursery, and the only one forgotten during the packing process when his owner went away to college.

The box, mis-labeled, was delivered to the dormitory’s arcade room and that first night, Teddy emerged from the box to find himself surrounded by various machines — the Claw, and the psychic fortune-telling machine, Zoltar.

Teddy found a coin under the Zoltar machine, tumbled from some jean pocket that rolled away and was like him, forgotten.  Teddy placed the coin into the machine and asked the Zoltar his question.  The Zoltar spit out a card and the answer Teddy received, left him to understand that he had, all along, known love.


This is an example of a 5-minute Storymatic® exercise. No copyright infringement is intended. Please support the official game at The Storymatic.


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