#4 Creatures of the Forest

Bigfoot watched the small rabbit nosing around in the undergrowth outside the secret maximum security prison fortress, hidden deep in the Redwoods.

The rabbit approached the security fence, the same one that Bigfoot considered tearing through.  The rabbit crouched low and crawled under the fence to the courtyard beyond.

“Oh to be a small, ignored creature of the forest,” thought Bigfoot.

The rabbit continued to nose about in the courtyard, unnoticed by the armed guards in the prison tower above.  One guard stepped into the courtyard, looking around on his patrol.  The rabbit froze, then bounded away towards the fence.  Its ears hit the fence and the rabbit made a horrifying howl and stench as it was electrocuted.

“What was that?” a guard called out.

“Just a stupid rabbit. Get back to work Larry.”

The security guard in the courtyard paused and looked far, deep into the forest.  Bigfoot froze, wondering if he had been spotted.  When the guard turned away, Bigfoot ran through the underbrush away from the prison.  The prey had got away.


This is an example of a 5-minute Storymatic® exercise. No copyright infringement is intended. Please support the official game at The Storymatic.


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