#5 The Hitchhiker to San Jose

“Hola senor, donde el—”

The pill-popping junkie interrupted him.

“Shit man, speak English. Comprende?”  The picker-upper junkie hit his head back on the torn, leopard print-covered seats of his jeep.

“Do. you. know. the. way. to. San. Jose?” The immigrant asked him, a mocking gleam in his eyes, hungry for revenge.

The junkie’s eyes widened.  He had actually understood what the hitchhiker had said.  A quick THWAP to his head prevented him from registering another thought as the hitchhiker beat him senseless with a rubber chicken, then hauled him out of the driver’s seat.  The hitchhiker sped off into the desert.


This is an example of a 5-minute Storymatic® exercise. No copyright infringement is intended. Please support the official game at The Storymatic.


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