Wish Upon A Star by Olivia Goldsmith

goldsmith_wish upon a starWhat I particularly liked about this book explores the realities behind the dream decisions we wish we could make.  Who hasn’t wanted to quit their job, travel, and move to a foreign land?  Anyone?  But spur of the moment decisions always come at a cost and Claire learns that life without a work visa means you take the leavings where you can.

It’s a little odd reading about a woman who must be as old as I am coming of age in London; it sort of seems a bit like young adults, or maybe non-adults might be a better word for it, in my generation are taking longer and longer to leave home, establish careers, relationships and begin a family.  I’m not sure if Goldsmith, who published this in 2004, meant it as a critique of Gen Xers or not but it gave me pause to consider societal expectations, racial prejudices and a few other themes included in Goldsmith’s tale.

This modern-day Cinderella story (with a twist!) offers plenty of Goldsmith’s brand of humor too and is certain to guarantee a few happy hours of chick lit reading time.

Are you guilty of liking chick lit too?  Grab a cuppa and let’s chat!


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