Travel Mementos

Last week I posted about maps and the efforts of some modern cartographers to re-invent how we look at the world (Fascinating Maps Look at Etymological Origins).  Living in a landlocked part of the country, I’ve never been to either coast and haven’t travelled much. Until now.

This weekend, I’ll be embarking on my own little adventure as my family travels to the Deep South and visits the Emerald Coast (me for the first time!).  Assuming we’ve got wi-fi, I hope to blog about my adventures and post lots of pics during/after our stay, so keep in touch for that adventure (grin).

That’s not to say I’ve never been anywhere.  I have.  Mostly though, I collect the coins from my family and friends’ adventures abroad (see featured photo).  I’ve been contemplating creating a gypsy-esque coin bracelet ala Coro’s foreign coin bracelets popular in the 1970’s.   Or maybe some cool shadow box coin art (Indigo Amethyst).  When I was younger, I used to have a big collection of world dolls too (wish I’d kept those…).

Do you have any special souvenirs that you collect from your travels?

Should I start a new memento collection?  Sea shells?  Sand art? Suggestions appreciated.


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