Art Without $$ Doesn’t Excuse Poor Work


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This post is in reference to the Arthur Miller quote last week, “Don’t be seduced…”.

I should be posting this week about how delighted I was to learn that three of my short descriptions had been published (and gone live) in a text-based MMORPG I write for now and again.

Instead, I am writing a post about the quality of one’s work and the necessity to keep high standards regardless of monetary reimbursement.

You can do the math to figure out what happened.

God sometimes allows us to make the same mistakes until we learn whatever lesson there is to be gleaned from it.  And sometimes, we just make stupid errors of judgement.

In this instance, I think it was the latter.  I trusted my word processor (Text Edit) to catch any spelling errors for me before submitting the final draft of a project (see above).  Regardless that the spelling errors weren’t caught, the point is that you should never cut corners for pro bono work or when facing a time crunch. I knew better. You know better.

Nothing beats printing out your document and doing a clean read with fresh eyes.  You’ll catch in black and white what your eyes will glaze over in a digital copy.  I read recently that there was a study that some people can “see” their hand moving in the dark, total dark, and it is because the brain is used to that hand movement so it supplies the corresponding ‘image’ even though you can’t physically see your hand in front of your face.

I think that reading on a screen can be like that.  Your brain will supply the corresponding correct ‘spelling’ of a word, even if it’s not actually there, because it’s recognizing word patterns.

Again, this is why we print things out and read them over. Well, maybe not every blog post.

So to conclude, do the work, don’t skimp on the work, or just don’t bother at all. Otherwise you may end up like me, failing to catch misspellings of ‘obeisance’ and ‘silhouette’ in your submission. Apologies.

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