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My First Filofax – 2014 Setup

For Christmas this year, I received my very first Filofax.  As there are already a million blogs devoted to Filofax (I may be stretching the numbers a wee bit), my blog is NOT going to turn into a Filofax addict’s haven, but, I can’t let this momentous occasion of my first Filofax pass without at least a nod at how popular these things have become.

This is an A5 Filofax “The Original” in a color that I believe is called ‘Retro Yellow’:

There’s branding on the spine of the exterior of the Filofax with an ‘f’ encircled, and a button clasp closure on the front that says “Filofax – The Original – Est. 1921”.

Inside the front cover is more of the Filofax branding in the bottom left-hand corner verifying that this is the real deal, made in the UK with real leather.  Although I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and watching YouTube videos, I haven’t done much decorating yet so the setup’s pretty simple — but evolving.

In the photo below, you’ll notice the Filofax has a pen loop and a couple of smallish pockets (for business cards) that I am using to store removable, writable ‘flags’.  There is also a larger pocket that I have some post-its stuck inside for quick retrieval.

I’ve kept the flyleaf included with the product and created my own cover page (yellow):


My understanding of the Filofax system is that it comes with different inserts and calendars.  Mine came with the week to two-page view, column style.  It also included a black ruler, 5 tabbed dividers (blue) and a variety of papers — blank, ruled, grid (white), and some ruled color papers too.

The Customer Service Dept. didn’t have quite the product that my gifter was looking for (a Personal size) so they supplemented with a bunch of freebie inserts. Super cool!  I’ve salvaged the packaging to create additional flyleafs throughout and some top-loading envelopes (see below).


I am not much of a scrapbooker (yet) but I’ve always loved vision boards so I have been taking clippings out of my magazines and pasting them inside of some of the pages.  I tried a K&Co. label maker (Target) to name the dividers but found that the labels just limited the space I could be using for additional pages.

Since I didn’t know that I was receiving a Filofax, I’d bought an inspirational planner from B&N a couple of months ago.  I’ve salvaged several great photos from that into a Smashbooks-type of inspirational words and pages that I can scatter in my book (see hot air balloon photo –last image).IMG_2933

Other than the basic agendas, I am using the dividers to keep some categories — Focus, Capture, and Schedule, all based on Enjoyette’s system, check out Enjoyette’s great YouTube channel.

Additionally, I have a section of vision boards and goals under “My Life Accounts”, based on Michael Hyatt’s free e-book “Creating Your Personal Life Plan“.

I’ve also adapted Michael’s concept of weekly and quarterly reviews to fit my own needs. I’ve got my typed notes with my agenda so when I sit down to review my previous week’s activities and upcoming week’s plans, I can remember to follow the steps. 🙂

I am crazy for lists so I also have a section just for books to read, movies to see, things to do, etc. I also have a bucket list I call my “Life List”. Just at a glance, a couple of ideas I’d like to do are visiting the Crayola factory, going horseback riding, attending a Broadway show in NYC… modest goals, I think.


Here’s hoping that 2014 will be a great new start to better things – and a Filofax to get me there!

Have a Filofax and want to share suggestions? Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas.  Got a question about the products shown or my setup?  Ask away. 🙂

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Lauren Miller is a Midwestern born writer with a passion for Jesus, the written word, and dogs. She has two decades of experience in the library field and reviews books for the Historical Novels Review (UK). She likes to spend her free time enjoying period films, discovering new reads, and being surrounded by other people’s pets. Lauren, her husband, and their wily Maine Coon (who isn’t quite a dog) live in Missouri. You can learn more about Lauren’s writing at

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