‘Surviving’ the Thundersnow of 2014

With the heavy snowstorm here in the Midwest, I’ve had a few days of extra R&R and with great timing, I’ve also had a head cold.  So, not to be deterred by the sniffles, I’ve been doing projects all weekend:

That pretzel-making kit sitting in the back of the pantry? Made and devoured!

Dishes piling up in the sink? Cleaned and dry.

My pile of organization books that need to be read/returned to the library?  Almost done going through the lot of them.  I’m still working my way through Sandra Felton (The Organizer Lady) and Marsha Sims’ book, Organizing Your Day: Time Management Techniques That Will Work For You.

Not that that’s had anything to do with my progress.  I’d like to stave off cabin fever and -2 is TOOOO cold to be leaving the house. Period.

Did you happen to watch Downton Abbey’s 2-hour premiere last night?  Alas, we can’t get channel 9 on our antennae.  I know, there’s something wrong with it.  My friends tell me our TV is an antique.  It works, more is the point!  A TV is a TV is a TV. Unless your TV is broken … then it’s a really large paperweight.

Fortunately, we do have an Apple TV and it looks like PBS will let us watch it, the day after it airs.  Horray!  I can’t wait to see what happens post-Season 3.  No spoilers!!!

I’ve also been utilizing several scrapbook papers from Creative Memories to create my own DIY dividers (with pockets!!) for my new Filofax.  Here’s an example:

Image One thing that I love about the scrapbook papers is that they ARE reversible so you get two great-looking papers for the price of one.

I’ve uploaded photos of all of the dividers I’ve made on my Pinterest board (link).  Check it out if you like. I think that I’ll get some Washi tape later and go over the tape here to give it a punch of contrasting color.

I am amazed at how creative some of my friends have been over this “Thundersnow” we’ve had over the weekend.  Thanks Jennifer S. for introducing me to the term for our cross-over snowstorm/blizzard hybrid.

My sister and her husband walked to a local church instead of driving.  Dennis and I attended mass at an area church within walking distance.

One friend of mine recreated some of the snow scenes from LOTR in her backyard.

Another friend is using her sewing machine to create homemade diapers for her children using the most adorable fabrics.

Art is being made. Dogs and kitty-cats are getting more attention than usual, and tea and coffee are being consumed in mass quantities. Grin

Thundersnow 2014. It’s been fun.


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