Adapting Your Filofax To Fit Your Needs

IMG_2936A month + after Christmas, I thought I’d post an update about how my new Filofax is coming along.

Organizing By Section

I am finding that I am not using as many of the sections as I originally thought that I would with my Filofax.  I’ve been shifting things around again since my last posting and can’t seem to bring myself to do the scrapbooking habit that so many women seem interested in (sorry!).

Inside the front flyleaf (reverse side), I’ve added a large post-it on which I’ve scribbled a sort of ‘section key’ to help me remember what dividers are what.  So far I’ve got:

  1. Filofax registration #, personal information & contacts
  2. Weekly agenda
  3. Charts
    (daily, weekly, monthly, also morning and evening routines)
  4. Lists
    (TBR, movie list, bucket list, etc.)
  5. My Personal ‘Life Accounts’, which are basically goals by category, based on Michael Hyatt’s system
  6. Targets, Milestones & Rewards
  7. Extra blank paper and such — I like to keep a little bit on hand, and some at home

Ideally, what will work best is a natural flow from section to section. For me, it makes sense to get the personal info. out of the way (or alternatively, at the very back), then launch directly into the agenda.  I’m using the calendar feature more than any other part of my Filofax.  I wish that I also had the horizontal yearly calendar add-on and the two-page monthly view.

Running Out of Room?

Some bloggers are reporting that they are running out of room to write in their agendas.  With my week-to-a-page (column view), I have not found that to be a problem.  It does seem to offer more room than the alternative format (horizontal view) but I also do far less decorating.  See how that works? Less decorating = more room for actual substance. 😀

I do wish that you had the option of replacing the size of the binder or the strap.  If Filofax had an interchangeable ring option (like Levenger) and/or an interchangeable binder strap, then it would be a bit more expandable.

Weight & Size

I’m finding that using my Filofax, the size (A5), is too large for my current purse size so I have to carry it by hand or carry a second bag.  I don’t mind either of these options really but I’ve noticed that the leather covers are rather thick (maybe to be more sturdy?) and that adds to the weight.

Has anyone else noticed this being a problem?

Maybe because of the weight issue, and less of the size itself, my Filofax isn’t as fleshed out as some people’s might be.  I need to find a work-around for that. Suggestions appreciated.  I have removed the month at a glance calendar completely to free up some space.  My earlier ventures to try labeling each section with my K&Co. label maker was in vain.  The labels don’t stick well to the pages and they add additional bulk between the pages.  I’ve removed almost every last label at this point (lol).

Future Ideas To Explore

I might further condense my Filofax by removing the “Life Account” sections entirely and have sort of a secondary binder as a Filofax Reference that I keep solely at the house.  I find that I’m using my Filofax for the agenda and the notes section and I’d like to create more room for those features.

I am debating between purchasing more paper refills for the notepaper or investing in a Filofax hole punch.  If you’re a Filofax user, how do you handle the refill dilemma? What are your recommendations?

Pinterest is a great resource for free printable ideas for your Filofax. Have you pinned any great finds?  I’ve seen a few ideas I want to explore but first… I need to buy some new color ink cartridges. ; More to come as the exploration continues!


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