Erin Condren Accessories

EC-shipperRecently I received a “$10 off your first order” offer for so today I thought I would talk about some of the accessories Erin offers to accompany her Life Planner system, and what I’ve purchased.

First off, I should clarify that I actually use an A5 Filofax Original which I’m still trying to settle into and I’ve blogged a bit about.

Checking out Erin’s website, a lot of her products look to be compatible with what I am using and I love branching out and trying new products.

  • For my first order, I picked up a couple of penholders (img) that I thought would be perfect for attaching to my journal (Punctuate! by Barnes & Noble) and my spiral-bound 2015 planner.

I browsed Office Max this weekend and they do have some comparable buys for the elastic bands for your journal, planner, Life Planner, or Filofax, but honestly, zebra stripes and a shocking pink just don’t do it for me.

  • So I picked up a set of elastic bands in coral, teal and a silver glitter (img) that are adorable!!  I’m guessing on the exact color names here. If you’re more of a golden girl, they’ve got a trio of gold bands that are simply luxe.

One of my favorite features of the website is the customization that’s offered from the covers of the Life Planner system, to blank stickers you can add with your own photos, appointments, play dates or whatever takes your fancy!

  • I ordered a set of the 120 blank stickers (img) to try out and I’m curious if ballpoint, rollerball or pencil will show up/not smudge on these.
  • I’ve also ordered a set of the customizable event stickers with personalization (img) for various writing assignments, appointments, local events, and time with friends.

The catalog image has different colors from the preview page so I’m guessing that what’s on the preview are the current colors in stock.  I hope that it does rotate from year to year because if these fit my planner, I will be buying a LOT more. I didn’t want to copy pics from the website but I’ll post again when my order arrives and share pics of my new accessories and how they’re working out with my planner system. 🙂

It’s birthday season so I may also spring for a Life Planner soon (a girl can never have too many planners…) A big thank you to Organized Jen who blogged about Erin Condren’s Life Planner and introduced me to her products.

Jen is hosting a giveaway that you can enter for one of the latest planners – but you’d better hurry because it’s ending soon!

Get $10 off your first order with Erin Condren (and I will too!). Let me know what you think of her products. Being organized is always stylish!


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