Changes To My Blog

Credit: Serge Bertasius Photography / Free Digital

Credit: Serge Bertasius Photography / Free Digital

Chris Guillebeau posted recently about “Blogging for an Audience of One“.

Although a short post, it got me thinking about changing my writing habits (or blogging habits) to be less dependent on what I think you want to read, and more about what I’m actually interested in talking about.

I tend to be more animated in discussing period films, for example, than the latest YouTube animal video. It’s not that I’ve done much of either in this forum, but it’d be a good experiment in the new year to try blogging more frequently with less structure.

Sure, I’ll still post reviews (as I read them, or if they’ve been pre-scheduled already), but I’d like to play more with blog post types, and the content that I’m offering and mix things up a bit. So while I’ll still be posting book reviews (after all, books is in the URL), I may also be posting more lifestyle posts, snippets of writing, random thoughts, film/TV series reviews, thoughts on being a writer, technology, geek/gamer gal stuff, and other trappings of my middle-class, quasi-educated, American life.

All in the name of trying something new in 2015. Let’s begin!


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