King Midas and the Golden Touch by Charlotte Craft

king midas_craftKing Midas and the Golden Touch, as told by Charlotte Craft, illustrated by K.Y. Craft (Morrow Junior Books)

I’ve always liked the story of King Midas which began as a Greek myth about a king who in his quest for gold, stands to lose everything he truly loves. What really stands out for me about this particular rendition are the beautifully detailed illustrations by Craft of a king in all his glory, and the apple of his eye, his daughter Aurelia.

I wish I knew why dogs played such a role in the background of Craft’s illustrations though. Just like in Sleeping Beauty, here too the castle is filled with canine companions which humanizes these graceful servants and royal occupants.

What makes King Midas an interesting figure compared to other fairy tale characters who falter – whether by greed or naivetĂ© (ex: The Goose Girl), is that he pursues his own redemption. He isn’t condemned to his fate and he isn’t rescued from the outside.

While you can argue that the legend of King Midas isn’t a true fairy tale since it’s based on a Greek myth, I think that Craft really removes the story from its original setting and places it in its own time, creating a seamless meld between myth and fairy tale.

If you’ve built out your fairy tale collection with all the Disney basics, consider expanding your collection to include this version of King Midas by K. Y. Craft.

If you like these books illustrated by K.Y. Craft, you may also like her other titles:

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You can learn more about K.Y. Craft at her website:


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