Daily Word Count – Feb 16, 2016


Decided to keep the cloudy image for my featured graphic — it has all of my favorite colors and a web search this AM resulted in me finding where on earth I originally found it and yes, it’s free to be used in websites and blogs (woot!)

Digging into this journal of LMM’s and it just goes on and on, I’m not even at the halfway point yet. Skimming over the introduction, it’s unclear whether in later years she went back and “touched up” the entries. If it were me, I’d certainly do edits. Actually, my diaries were so poorly written that I ought to just burn them but I consider them a time capsule of a sort. So they’re staying put and I shant tell you where I’ve hid them!

Progress on reading the LMM journal: 75 pages read (overnight/AM).

Total word count for today: 0 words.

February 2016 Totals To Date:

  • Avalon: 383 words
  • Blogging: 3,951 words

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