Daily Word Count – Feb 20, 2016

typewriter on table

In keeping with trying to keep all of my writing stats in one place, I’ve updated the figures below to reflect my January stats, as opposed to just whatever I’ve written in February. Feeling incredibly disorganized and I need to get all of these stats accounted for and updated on my Excel spreadsheet.

8:30pm – My Excel spreadsheet is officially updated.

Spend the remainder of the evening researching an idea for a fantasy, water-based housing system based on historical locations and trying to not make it sound, oddly enough, like a cruise ship destination. Which, as it turns out, it is. Perfect.

Not feeling well so hitting the hay early. D has a fever and we’re both coughing. I think we may have picked up a bug.


7:30am – D’s fever finally broke around midnight. I didn’t get around to posting this last night (obviously). Up and down all night, in part, feeling unwell, and in part,  niggling ear worm that won’t leave (Evita). The only cure for an earworm is to listen to it in its entirety and it’ll leave, satiated. The more you ignore it, the worse it gets.

Thank God, it’s Sunday.

Total word count for 02/20/16: 0 words.

Estimated word count for 02/21/16: No idea.

2016 Totals To Date:


Historical Novel Society (book reviews):

RPGs (Avalon):

Saint Louis Writers Guild (articles):

Short Fiction:

Untitled Adult Spec Fiction:


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