Daily Word Count – Feb 22, 2016

typewriter on table

02/21/16 – Bone tired and feverish. Went to bed early.

02/22/16 – Still sick. I did compile an old Scrivener file and export out Act 1 and Act 2 of a screenplay I got critiqued in college workshops, the screenplay was tentatively titled Borderlands, which pre-dated the video game of the same name by a year, year and a half (2007-2008). No connection to the video game.

I’ve also exported the spec treatment I wrote up.  I’ve re-arranged some of the events on the treatment and compared it to the actual draft to get a clearer idea of how much remains to be written. Basically, when I began writing it, it was meant to be a 90-minute screenplay. Given that it’s a science fiction story, realistically it ought to be closer to 120-minutes in length. So, halfway!

After speaking with a writing friend (thanks Eric L.), I’ve decided to take a crack at finishing it in screenplay format before I look at converting it to fiction. Better something complete than two things, half-finished. Good to get one’s bearings but goodness me, what a task ahead!

Word count for today: 0 words

2016 Totals To Date:


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