Daily Word Count – Feb 24, 2016

typewriter on table

So Saturday night I began feeling unwell and went to bed early. This is Wednesday morning and I’m still sick. I took a day off yesterday to rest but I am going to have to go in today (edited PM: called in sick, again) and despite nine hours of intermittent sleep, I am worn out, which leads me to a funny story of a sort about my trip to the pharmacist last night.

Besides picking up cough drops (Halls, tropical flavour, and they’ve got motivational quotes on the wrappers like, “You’ve survived tougher” and “Put your game face on”), I picked up a generic bottle of some sort of cold/flu medicine. They asked for my DL. Really?  For cold/flu medicine?  What is this, an episode of Breaking Bad?

Apparently whatever they gave me has a potent ingredient that can destroy my liver if I O.D. on it (great) and not only did they scan my DL, but I had to sign some sort of waiver electronically that I wasn’t going to abuse its use. WTH are people doing with this stuff? Despite the over-hopeful promise of “must have at least eight hours of sleep available before taking”, it was NOT an uninterrupted sleep but the addition of a roll of teepee on the nightstand (I’m ghetto like that) and a bottle of water at least saved me the extra trips out of bed.

Woke up to what D calls the “thundersnow of 2016”. I’ve been forbidden from shoveling the driveway and the snow just keeps falling. It’ll be rainfall by lunchtime. Cold and wet and sick. Just how I like celebrating my hump days.

On the plus side, a kindly word about the snow:

“As I descended the stairs this morning, the dining room, bereft of its draperies and shrouded in drop cloths, was bathed in a queer sort of blue light emanating from the north and eastern windows framing the century elm, a column supporting curtains of snow still actively falling and coating the buds of the magnolia, whispering, “Not yet, not yet”, as winter re-asserts her dominance.” (me)

Word count for today: 65 words (see blockquote above)

2016 Totals To Date:


Historical Novel Society (book reviews):

RPGs (Avalon):

Saint Louis Writers Guild (articles):

Short Fiction:

Borderlands (first draft)*:

  • For the last entry, please substitute “pages” instead of “words”. It’s 60 pages of the first draft (screenplay) left to write.

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