Story of My Life: February 25, 2016

retro photo camera

The rain falls on the just and the unjust and I’m inside with a toothache. Do you ever feel unwell and then suddenly you notice a myriad of other problems that didn’t bother you before that started to spring up? It’s like noticing one wrong thing with your car and taking it in and then BAM, a dozen other little things emerge crying out for attention. I’m now planning a trip to the dentist this weekend to try to resolve the source of my first-ever toothache. Yes, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but perhaps if I want to keep blogging daily, I really shouldn’t call it a “daily word count” if there’s nothing to update. Just, my random thoughts flung like errant pages from a rooftop, whether to be borne upon the wind or plummet to the street is yet to be seen.  I think if I’ve no new “writing progress news” to convey, then I ought to just share something about my day.

184_Scribe_End_of_Year_Book_2015_-_front_coverSo here’s something about my day worth sharing… my copy of The Scribe Omnibus (see right) arrived. I officially have physical proof that something I’ve written has landed in print. Technically, three somethings, but who is counting? (me!)

Somehow I landed in a group shot on the cover — not a flattering pose but at least it’s my signature color. Obviously, like any self-respecting writer, I brought it in to work and showed it around. A couple of friendly coworkers wanted to buy copies. It’s the sort of sweet thing you say to be supportive but never follow-up on.  The thought was nice, however. It’s convicted me somewhat that I need to purchase a copy of my friend’s book and get him to autograph it before he moves away. That was a bit of a bombshell surprise.  One of my writing friends is leaving STL.  What is that saying that goes something like, “Life keeps moving when you’re not looking”?

Sometimes I feel left behind.


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