In 2013, a temple expansion was being worked on for one of the deities portrayed in the roleplaying game, Avalon the Legend Lives. After a consultation, it was decided to have an open prayer room, and a room devoted to each of the divine twins — one focused on the realm of the “Moon”, the other, on the realm of “Life”. This was the result I came up with. Enjoy!


aqueduct-597327_1920Courtyard of the Sons of Olympus

A monumental pylon marks the southern wall of this large stone courtyard, bordered on the other cardinal directions by a columned portico. Strategic blocks of stone have been removed to create natural planters and someone has planted climbers that hug the columns like an intimate embrace, stopping short of the exquisitely carved capitals. Large buds on the climbers are closed by day, but by night open to reveal a rare, lily-white bloom that perfumes the air. The courtyard floor is spartan save for metal bands embedded in the stone in arcs. Tracing the lines, you find they follow the path of the moon and are marked in places with arcane symbols, some form of measurement beyond your comprehension. The weather-beaten courtyard is open to the elements and lit by day or night, exposed to the whim of the gods. Dusky patches of stone indicate the frequent presence of ceremonial fires by followers of Elodin and Valider. The colonnade to the north forms a natural hallway and is partially obscured by a walled gateway. The darkened gateway reveals no secrets save a faint glow that emanates at the northeastern and northwestern corners of the hall, and beckons you to draw further in. A divine guardian stands watch here.


Sanctuary of Valider

You have entered the private sanctuary of Valider. A great domed roof encompasses the room, supported in twelve directions by fluted columns. An icon of Valider is enshrined in a niche wall where followers perform obesiance and make offerings. In the centre of the room, a tall globe rests, cradled upon a silver stand. An attendant whispers, “You have arrived just in time! They are about to begin.” Your attention is arrested b the appearance of two priests of Valider in silver robes who begin a low, harmonious chant and apply their labours to a complex framework of gears that silently turn. The ground below you rumbles and quakes before the shifting of the dome overhead, revealing an exposed shaft of open air that bathes the room in an ethereal glow. As the priests cease their labours, the light narrows to a shaft of moonlight that illuminates the globe and casts strange, arcane symbols upon the walls. Sihouettes of a battle play out upon the circular walls, mimicking the events of the Divine War. A divine guardian stands watch here.


Sanctuary of Elodin

You have entered the private sanctuary of Elodin. At the centre of this small chamber is a raised dias with a carved wooden day bed, well-appointed with the finest silk and linen trappings for a deity at repose. The walls are lifelike in their depiction of an ash tree, the trunk of which spans much of the height of the room. The branches of this mammoth tree sprawl across the walls until their tips almost meet at the gateway to the chamber. Within the branches are landscapes of defining moments in Avalon’s epic history. The earliest moments of creation give way to the battle of Urzog and Agammenion against the forces of Mercinae during the Divine War. You recognize other moments recorded by scholars and miniature portraitures of the great heroes and villains of the ages. Legend says the tree is the artistic work of Elodin, who speaks forth epic verse and its record is captured upon these walls for all time. Upon one branch is a fresh patch of white and the beginnings of a new portraitature, its profile eeriely similar to your own. The tapestry of murals is unfinished, poised for the next utterings by its creator. A divine guardian stands watch here.


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