Currently: Reality TV & Copyright

I heard about this idea from Kayla Olson and the earliest example of this blog series I could find was here.


♦ Loving ♦

Bullet journals. I am addicted to planners, always have been, probably always will be. Recently I’ve begun binge watching YouTube gals talking about bullet journals (which is how I stumbled onto Kayla Olson’s blog). I’ve been journalling for years and now I’m trying to begin incorporating some of the ideas I’ve seen online into my spiral-bound journal.

Totally crushing on hand lettering, a skill I wish I had.

♦ Reading ♦


Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin. This is one of those advanced reader copies that I occasionally receive and it’ll be released May 3rd, 2016. You’ll be able to read my thoughts of this title in the August 2016 issue released by the Historical Novel Society, but I’ll say upfront that I’m really pleased with Sarah Sundin’s work and if you like WWII historical romances, this is gonna be right up your alley.

I became introduced to Sarah Sundin’s work when I first read With Every Letter, book one in the Wings of the Nightingale series and I think she’s really grown as an author.

♦ Watching ♦

I average anywhere from a half hour to an hour of TV a day so it can take a couple of weeks to get through binge watching a season (library copy, Netflix, etc) or a couple of nights for a film.  This past week Dennis (my husband) and I have finished watching Season 2 of Daredevil, and we’re mostly caught up on the current season of Hell’s Kitchen (go Ariel!).

I watched Pan on a day off this week — first time seeing the film. You had me until Hugh Jackman broke out into “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It just raises too many questions — do the pirates travel in time? How did they hear a Nirvana song? If it’s intended to be a period musical, like Moulin Rouge, then you should’ve advertised it that way.

Lifetime’s UnReal was new to me but I was curious about seeing the behind-the-scenes of making a reality TV show. Not for the faint of heart — this show features repeated drug use, strong thematic content, violence, and sex. And some manipulative bastards worthy of House of Cards. Totally unreal.

♦ Listening To ♦

I’ve been stuck on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (the Lesley Ann Warren version) all week and I’ve been humming or singing tracks, especially “Do I Love You?” I’ve also had “For Good” (Wicked) playing in my head ad infinitum. If these are the soundtrack to my life, then I’m questioning relationships and facing something ending. Hmm.

♦ Thinking About ♦

I’ve spent the past week thinking a lot about U.S. Copyright Law and Canadian Copyright Law. There’s a Canadian book that I think ought to be adapted for film. It’s currently in the Public Domain (in Canada) but won’t be in the Public Domain in the United States until 2021. FIVE YEARS. I’m not saying that I know the first thing about book adaptations but it’s a darling, relatively obscure book that deserves the spotlight, if it can be done WELL, and that’s where I’m still unsure whether I’m the right person for it.

A co-worker had a copy of the book and sold it to me for a pocketful of change so as an experiment, I’m re-reading the copy, and underlining/color-coding the characters and trying to get a feel for how the novel, which has a lot of internal monologue, would work on the big screen. If it’s a bust, at least I haven’t ruined the only copy of the novel that I had. If it turns out to be worthy of pursuing, I’ll be tearing it up even further, so we’ll see.

♦ Anticipating ♦

The sale of our house. We’ve placed the house on the market and the whole process is an edgy one that we’ve only just begun and I can’t wait to have it be over already. It’s not the maintaining your house that bothers me so much as the uncertainty that comes with waiting, like a wallflower, hoping to be noticed. You might get a dance or two if you’re lucky, but so far, we haven’t found that special someone who wants to escort us home.

♦ Wishing ♦

I wish I hadn’t of purchased three pounds of saltwater taffy last week. It’s almost gone (ahem). I do not regret the ice cream sandwiches. Not one bit.

♦ Making Me Happy ♦

One of my favorite things about my office (and that I’ll miss) is the western-facing window shining light on my keyboard. I’ve got crystal prisms strung up along the way and I’m sitting in the rainbow path — on my keyboard, on my arms, broad bands of color on the wall facing the window. Science is awesome.



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