Postaday: Generations

pearl-harbour-535743_1920Today’s daily prompt is “Generation“.

I’m the child of Baby Boomers and when my parents talked about remembering where they were when JFK was assassinated, it didn’t resonate with me how one moment could imprint itself so indelibly upon the mind and soul as to never be forgotten.

My grandparents spoke of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in that same context. These were both historical moments that deeply impacted our nation and left no-one untouched, save perhaps the generations that followed, the ones that didn’t live through it.

And then came 9/11.

There’s a new generation growing up, teenagers now, that didn’t witness 9/11. In a few years, they’ll be graduating high school and in time, they’ll be the ones making decisions and leading our country. It’s hard for me to imagine, having lived through the horrific events of that tragic day, how it could be possible that anyone did not live during that period, and I realize, I have switched perspectives. Now, I understand my parents and my grandparents, and to an extent, the generations before them that had a “pivotal moment in time” — in their lifetime — that could never be forgotten.

After all of these musings, I’m left somewhat with a thought echoing in the back of my mind…

With this next generation growing up, what will the event be that they will “never forget” and how will we as a nation respond?


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