Announcing Issue #77 of HNR

I’m delighted to announce that the August 2016 reviews for The Historical Novel Society are now available online. Check out the full reviews (and great articles) at: The Historical Novel Society. You can find the print views in Issue #77 of the Historical Novel Review (HNR).

For this issue of HNR, I have four reviews appearing in print and online and two online exclusives. I’ll be taking a break from the November issue but hope to be back with new reviews with HNR in 2017. I hope you enjoy my reviews and the many other fine reviews available. May you find plenty of new favorites!

Remember to please support authors by buying authorized print and digital versions of their books.

the-magnolia-duchess-gulf-coast-chronicles-3-beth-white-130x200 land-of-silence-tessa-afshar-133x200 death-deals-hand-california-zephyr-mystery-janet-dawson-130x200 beyond-silence-tracie-peterson-129x200 at-loves-bidding-ozark-mountain-romance-2-regina-jennings-130x200 anchor-in-storm-waves-of-freedom-2-sarah-sundin-130x200


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