Week 2 In Review

apple-1122537_1920I love apples. Nothing says “Autumn is coming” likes apples.

This week, I went to a potluck armed with a tray of Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths and a veritable pint of caramel sauce … over-doing the serving size but for the group that came, we certainly made a noticeable dent. That tells me that I’m not the only one in favor of the humble apple.

Growing up, every year or two, my parents would drive us all over an hour to the nearest apple orchard (a state away) and it was always a guess which apples were in season that day. Would it be the Jonathans, that are perfect for baking? Maybe the red or golden delicious, which are great right off the tree?  Or maybe the Granny Smiths, for those who like that tart flavor.  The orchard seemed to stretch on forever and my siblings and I would get lost, chasing down the best, largest, shiniest specimens from the highest, most inward-growing boughs. When our bags were filled to overflowing, I’m quite sure my parents were grimacing wondering how on earth a family of six was supposed to consume forty pounds of apples.


What encourages me most about orchards, I think, is everything begins from a seed, a germination that takes place, and with the right growing conditions, care, and a whole lot of time, give it a good 5-8 years, and what an abundance awaits you!

This week was a reminder to me that long-term change comes from small beginnings and sometimes, those tiny acts of faith (as small as a seed…) and when we entrust them to God’s care, what wonderful surprises are in store!

Me (surrounded by bags of apples) with friends, 2003.

Me (surrounded by bags of apples) with family, 2003.


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