Agatha Christie may be one of my heroes

agatha-christie“Agatha Christie on how her lack of education and childhood boredom led her to write…” Full article here.

Austin Kleon, who I follow religiously, posted the article above up on Tumblr this week, based on a 1955 interview that Agatha Christie gave, and I recommend you check it out.

Christie’s words got me to thinking about how different her childhood, and those of my generation were, compared to the ones of my own nieces and nephews and the other Millennials I am surrounded by on a regular basis. It’s difficult to find a child not engaged with a screen, be it watching cartoons or playing on their parent’s tablet or phone. We install tvs in our vehicles now to ‘ keep children busy’.

Of course I had television as a child too, but I remember my parents giving us room for play without always being connected to a screen. Field trips to parks where we explored nature, and to museums for learning, and zoos and farms. I remember long car trips and out of sheer boredom, the yellow legal pad begged from mother’s purse and a purple pen (ah…. now I understand why I love purple!). Doodles turned to jotting down daydreams and that evolved into writing stories. The birth of a writer.

Cultivating childhood creativity and an early love of reading can transform those lulls of boredom and restless energy into something marvelous. What about your childhood — did you have plenty of time to play and exercise the imagination?


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