Abandoned Quest Idea (2016)

This is another bit of player-created content for the roleplaying game, Avalon, the Legend Lives.

Earlier this year, I had been exploring the idea of a new quest (something I hadn’t written before) and I came up with a few elements involving items to interact with, a new location, and a quest assignment by way of a poem of my own invention. If that’s the sort of thing that might amuse you, do read on.

Item description

On the ground: Plain green seeds lie discarded here.
Description: A handful of green seeds lies here, having been soaked for several hours and carefully handled, are now devoid of their outer white husks, ready for planting, but what fruit shall result from these labours?
In one’s possession: Some green seeds

The quest

The idea of the quest was that the seeds must be located and returned to the individual who was subject of a riddle, but only after certain conditions had already been met, making the quest available for completion.

The riddle was as follows:

“Scattered across the land were we,
Returned in order we must be,
Then find the path that bears my name,
Discarded here, the very same.

If golden treasure you would seek,
Deliver me  unto my keep,
A shepherd true unto his flock,
Then hidden groves you shall unlock.”

There were, naturally, more than one possible answer to the riddle, so I composed a stanza by way of reply to let the questor know they had guessed incorrectly.

“A shepherd to my flock, tis true,
Yet gold and treasure I eschew,
If you would delve for what is thine,
Seek out the King, last of his line.”

A successful questor would find a new location opened to them with the possibility of incorporating future quests, interwoven into the story arc.

The new location

orange-tree-1117420_1920The Groves of <Character>

You have entered the verdant fields of <character>, planted in the dawning of Mycenae and tended jointly by <character> and the then-adolescent deity, Aldaron, the god of life. The groves are frozen at the moment of the summer prior to their destruction in the Divine War; row upon row of hoary fruit trees grow, heavy-laden with the bursting promise of a ripe harvest. White blossoms interspersed with the waxy gold-green leaves perfume the air with the intoxicating scent of citrus and other exotic species of trees that are cultivated therein, inviting further exploration. The grove is blanketed under a carpet of rich grasslands that give way under your footfall, dotted with the delicate, sunny blooms of young buttercups. The air seems charged with an expectant energy, as if the trees are awaiting the blessing of their Mistress to release the full yield of their bounteous harvest.

Of course, I also intertwined the theme of citrus into the character (should you have, in theory, stumbled upon them) to clue questors that they might be interconnected. Ah well.

Final Thoughts

In hindsight, I realize that in my descriptions I have a propensity for conveying facts to the reader in an exposition download that detracts from the reader immersion. You can tell the reader, for example, that the seeds have been aged over time, but that presumes they have some knowledge of botany… It’s a balance, one I’ve not really mastered but continue to work on. Regardless, the quest concept was abandoned, another casualty in the war of creativity vs. the Resistance.

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