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Week 4 In Review

owl-1576572_1920This week I had the opportunity to be ‘watchful’ (like this little guy) as I responded to a jury summons in my local county and got to witness some of the judicial process at work. I also picked up some useful tips that you may find helpful too.

Did you know that in some (if not most) courthouses, there are floors between the public floors?  Are these offices? What purpose do they serve? There’s a big difference between walking up two flights of stairs to the third floor, versus four flights with in-between mezzanine levels!

I was also reminded how much you can learn simply by embracing silence. Strangers with similar backgrounds or appearances tended to gravitate towards one another (some senior citizens, a trio of preppy-dressed young professionals, a pair of managers in blazers and slacks) and little details indicated socio-economic status (a Kate Spade bag, a few iPhone 7s — the Rose Gold plus version, naturally). I also noticed that the mere presence of a large panel of potential jurors, ready for trial, may have impacted the trial to which we’d been called to serve.

The discomfiture of being in an unfamiliar environment was lessened by the compassion of the judges (towards the jurors), explaining the judicial process and being sympathetic (most people don’t want to serve). In the back of my mind was the uncomfortable sensation of relief — how glad I was that it was not ME on trial, squirming under the stern gaze of a judge.

Knowing who we are and where we stand is more important than I think I’ve ever realized before as I learned this weekend ( but that’s enough for a blog post all by itself).

So, I’ll leave you with these questions:

  • Do you know who you are and where you stand in life?
  • How do you embrace silence in the everyday?
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Lauren Miller is a Midwestern born writer with a passion for Jesus, the written word, and dogs. She has two decades of experience in the library field and reviews books for the Historical Novels Review (UK). She likes to spend her free time enjoying period films, discovering new reads, and being surrounded by other people’s pets. Lauren, her husband, and their wily Maine Coon (who isn’t quite a dog) live in Missouri. You can learn more about Lauren’s writing at

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