Week 6 In Review

sloe-625743_1920Lest I break the chain, this weekend is six weeks into my posting a review of any writing-related activities going on.

To be completely truthful, it’s been an eventful week, but not exactly writing-related: a wedding, a birthday party, and a wedding shower for another couple.

I did attend (briefly) the St. Louis Press Expo that took place downtown on Saturday, and I’ve also been working with staff at SLPL on organizing some NaNoWriMo events for next month — which will be here sooner than I’m comfortable with. I’ve also archived all of the blog entries for this year on Scrivener.

Looking ahead to this next week, I’m going to be attending my first satellite event (Fathom) for a quasi-religious event called “Revive Us 2016”, sponsored by Kirk Cameron, which should be interesting, and that is being broadcast live from Chicago.

Nature observation: The Hunter Moon was fantastic if you got a chance to see it. Gorgeous sunsets this weekend here in Missouri so feeling extra-blessed.

Otherwise, there’s nothing else of note this time around, guys, sorry. Happy Sunday all.


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