Week 11 In Review

pine-cone-1245888_1920It’s been a quiet week here, mainly just reading. I’m writing in an attempt to honor the weekly reviews that I promised.

There’s been no progress to speak of on my own writing although I have been slowly working on coordinating the November and December issues of my guild’s literary magazine, and have attended a NaNoWriMo write-in, which was a lot of fun.

This coming week’s goal is to finish all outstanding articles for the year and email them to my (co-)editor(s) for the literary magazine, as well as the historical one that I do reviews for, and all before Thanksgiving which means I need to get my ducks in order.

Sterling & Stone had a great webcast this week, talking about “The Value of Deep Thinking”. This is something I wish I had more time for… just thinking (not nodding off, which is usually what happens) and brainstorming ideas. Jeff Goins also talks about having time just to create and fill that well so you have something to draw on when you’re ready to write (he uses the analogy of a bucket system, which works too).

Sean (Sterling & Stone) also mentions how important it is to have a sounding board where you can throw ideas around and get feedback. This is something I don’t have at all. I work in a vacuum and all of my ideas boomerang back at me and seem worse than when I first cast them to the wind.  It’s a bit like wandering in the woods without a compass — sometimes, I just want to stay still and wait to be found by my ideas, rather than walking miles and miles in the wrong direction.

Sometimes, that’s the only way out.


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