Week 12 in Review

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!

This season is always a time for gratitude and for me, I am never more grateful than when I am busily humming along through life with an agenda full of writing tasks to accomplish.

Give me a step by step and I will chug along that track, even if they’re still laying each railroad tie in front of me as I go, until I hit Promontory Summit.

With plans to see the family this year, I spent my free time working on the final productions of the year — the November and December issues of our guild’s magazine, the monthly newsletter, and a handful of reviews quickly approaching their deadlines. I may have to tidy those up next week, actually…

gleise-1555348_1920Nothing makes the blood race quite like writing and that sense that any journey is doable, if one can only find the path.

Losing the vision under the storms of discouragement, rejection and fear is another way of being derailed from your destination. Sometimes, it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, other times, like you’re moving backwards. I’m learning that it’s all part of the process. Accept it and move on.

Want to encourage a local artist or writer? Today is Shop Local Saturday. Energize the artists and writers in your community by buying their products for Christmas. We artists need your help along our journey and appreciate your support.



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