January 2017 Edition

All quiet on the homefront.

January is a time for keeping close to home, burrowed in a nest of blankets, with the flicker of candlelight, an excellent book, and a cup of your favorite beverage.


Nothing new for the month of January. The new book lists generally come out the same month as the latest issue so hopefully next month I’ll have an update here.

Currently Editing

I just finished working on the January 2017 issue of The Scribe. With the new year, my editor and I are aiming towards releasing the current month’s issue at the beginning of the month, instead of the following month when the news will be outdated.

scribe-jan 17
I’m really excited about the covers that our designer, Brad R. Cook, is doing this year — all public domain, all black & white, all St. Louis-centric, which should be great for highlighting our local treasures.;

If you’d like to take a look at the issue, you can download it here.

Currently Writing

I’ve stumbled onto a reference in a historical document in my roleplaying game that I think could make for a great poem. I’m exploring the idea this month!


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