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Emerald City: "Mistress – New – Mistress"

Spoilers ahead!! Don’t read unless you want to speculate on the series and have already caught this episode. 🙂

Friday night’s episode saw the first glimpses of the Land of Ev which boasts some wonderful steampunk aesthetics (the aerial rail car for one), and some unrealistically good film locations that I thought were far too clean for the production (ex. the bathroom in Ev). Some of the shots reminded me of the kind of CGI you’d get on a console game — those kinds of angles (looking down from a balcony onto the snow below, and the twister scene had a surrealism that was interesting).

I’m probably going to be changing my theory as the season progresses as to what the story actually is. Tip’s story is rather interesting to me as it’s being presented (intentionally or unintentionally) as a transgender character which I think is remarkably topical. He(she) is uncomfortable in their own skin, and who are they supposed to be, really? As an aside, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mombi. I certainly hope not as I enjoy that actress’s portrayal.

Oh, and a minor rant. Ev is northeast of OZ, you nitwits, across from the Impassible Desert. How in the heck did Jack and Tip cross that, hmm? The “magic” of off-screen travel.


Moving on to the Emerald City, I’m still thinking that somehow the Nome King will factor into all of this at some point. It’s clear that the ruby gauntlets have given Dorothy some magical ability, but given the odd circumstances of her birth, they may be pulling a Tin Man move and she’s actually been here before.

I really am enjoying the series and look forward to watching it develop. I hope that they’ll introduce more tie-ins from the book as we go along too. Speculations, theories and commentary welcomed.


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