May 2017 Edition

Currently Reviewing

Still reading the two books I mentioned last month as most of my free time is being spent compiling an anthology for my local writer’s guild. The May issue of Historical Novels Review is now available and you’ll find my review of For the Record by Regina Jennings in print and online.

Currently Editing

scribe-may 17The May 2017 issue of The Scribe is out, click here for your reading pleasure. Now working on the June 2017 issue which I hope will be at least partially Gateway Con-centric.

Currently Writing

Not doing a ton of writing right now to be honest, focused almost entirely on the aforementioned anthology and preparing for a move. With next month’s conference coming up, hopefully June, while busy, will at least have more of interest to discuss.

As an aside, last month (after posting), I did have the opportunity to visit some various parts of the Midwest (Kentucky, Ohio) and had a wonderful time. If anyone I met is reading this post, thank you again for your hospitality!


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