Make Some Version of Your Dreams a Reality

​Life is too short to be limited by ‘pie in the sky’ dreams. Do what you can to make some version of those dreams a reality.

I may never compose poetry while walking through a protected English or Irish bluebell woodland, but I can, and have, trekked through the muddy Missouri river bottoms to see the first Virginia bluebells blossom on the ravines (see featured post photo).

I may never make it to Thailand, but yesterday I bought tickets for my first floating lantern festival and now a version of that magical dream will hopefully become a reality this fall (weather permitting).

I may never stroll through lavender fields at dawn somewhere in Provence, but I could make plans to drive 2-3 hours from where I live and tour a local(ish) lavender farm.

I may never attend the Kentucky Derby in a frilly hat, but I could spend a day down at the local track and bet on my favorites. And yes, wear a silly hat if I wanted to.

The list goes on…

How can you embrace your dreams and make some version of them a reality? I’m beginning to think that at the end of my life, I’d rather have #ExperiencesNotStuff


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