0:365 Photography Challenge

An Instagram friend of mine has been taking daily photos for forever it seems. Instagram is such an awesome way to discover new and exciting photography. Some of my own favorites include travel photographers, nature photographers, and foodies.

Back in my high school days, I took a semester-long course in photography and worked in a dark room, develop my own film, etc., and an interest was born. Lewis Hine and his labor photography has always been a favorite of mine, amongst other b&w artists of the period.

I’ve never had a high-quality camera though. Throwaways, then a basic single-click and no preview screen. Then my first (and only) digital camera. For a few years, that allowed me to capture some everyday moments, but it was never portable enough for random moments. Sadly, it finally died on me this spring (constantly shuts down despite fresh batteries). There is a happy ending however.

As an early birthday gift, my husband got me my first smartphone and it has a camera. Hurrah!

So, with an Instagram account, and an amateur-level of experience, me and my camera phone will be practicing and hopefully growing over the next year as I develop (no pun intended) this new hobby.

Interested in photography yourself? Want to support a beginner? Pop by my Instagram account sometime and say hello.

God bless and have a fantastic day!

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