2018 Newsletter #5

Here’s seven updates as to what’s been going on in my life over the past week.

Estimated reading time: < 7 minutes.

I’ve been…

Watching: Million Dollar Menu, a show on Netflix about investing in the restaurant business. It has more of a discussion on the financials than Kitchen Nightmares, a bit like if that show had a crossover with Shark Tank. Not much time for TV this week but what I’ve seen of the show so far, I like.

Reading: I’m working my way this month through several entries from a literary agent I’m working with. While I can’t give specifics, I am really enjoying the process and drawing on my background as a writer and as a book reviewer to help me try to make educated, helpful critiques.

Eating: Vegetarian! Trying out new things on the menu this week, including a really good creamy spinach soup with roasted carrots, onions, bowtie pasta, and of course, spinach. And on my “must-try-at-home” list, a grilled cheese from one of my favorite local restaurants (whole wheat bread with white cheddar, mozzarella and Fuji apple slices). Absolutely incredible!

Visiting: my sister’s gardens. A vegetable patch voluntarily sprouted up from a compost heap and the squash are getting enormous! Actually, everything is large there from the delphinium stalks (pretty please flower soon?) to the firework bursts of the blooming cleome.

InstaBrowsing: Gorgeous wallpaper that runs something like $100-$200.00 a roll. I can’t imagine who would actually spend that much money on wallpaper. Sometimes, I get curious as to the cost of things, look it up, and rue my own curiosity.

App Downloading: Bible Lens. It’s a photo editor program that works with the Bible app, your camera roll, and Facebook to scan photos, look for appropriate Bible verse options and allows you to save or share them on social media. With the plethora of high quality royalty-free photos out there now, you can find a great shot, save it to your phone, open it in the app, match it to a verse, and presto! You’re insta-ready! Thank you to reader (and bestie) Peggy W. for sharing this great app with me.

Practicing: Patience! Persistence! Hope! Grace!


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